Once you're accepted in the Google AdSense Program, you want to maximize the opportunity. In this section, we will look at some of the most effective strategies which many webmasters are implementing for generating optimum revenue from the Google AdSense Program.

Step 1 - Formatting AdSense Ad Blocks

You can let Google decide for you the type of ads that will be displayed on your web page, but as a website publisher, you should decide what ads suit the content of your website and how you would like them to be displayed. To the extent possible, make sure whether chosen by Google or you, make the ads seem like part of the web pages.

It is a fact that that most Internet marketing experts believe that the ads on your website have a high probability of getting clicked if they blend in with the rest of the content of your web page. Factors such as color scheme, font size and type, and the appearance of your ad should match your web pages. Borders are optional and I think you should not used it because why put border that says "Hi! I'm an ad!"?

Also make sure regardless of other design choices, text link should be blue. Want to know why are text links blue?

So what kind of ad format you should put on your blog. There are text ads, image ads and link unit ads. Actually you can put text ads or image ads alone or you can put combination of both the ad formats. If you chose both, Google's technology will suggest whether an image ad or a text ad will be more suitable and which will earn you maximum revenues.

Well Link Unit ads doesn't work well in all sites. Many webmaster doesn't use it. But you can try in your blog, if it brings a revenue then you can continue otherwise discard it. The best place for the Link Units are both the footer and the side navigation of the blog or forum. For more information on the placement of Link Unit, visit jensense.com

Which format of AdSense ad proved to best? The answer is The Large Rectangle (336 x 280), the format is shown below. This ad format has resulted in high click - through rates (CTR), why this format? Because this ad look like normal web links, and people are trained to click on these types of links.

Look out for more information on the type of ad format you should put on you website at problogger.net and news.baluart.net

Also view the below poll result of Best paying AdSense format from forums.searchenginewatch.com

Now you have got the idea which AdSense ad format you should used in order to maximize your AdSense revenues.

Also check out this interesting tricks, I found from labnol's blog, where you can put different AdSense ad format at a same location randomly. This trick can be used for the purpose of experimenting that which ad format will work best for your website. He states in his blog as

The basic idea is to display different AdSense formats at the same location simultaneously but randomly. [This is done using the random() function in Javascript that generates a number between 0 and 1 with equal probability]

For more information about this trick, check out his blog.

So now which AdSense ad format are you going to use?

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